African American History E-Learning Heroes Challenge

ELHC #312: Great Moments in Black History

This challenge seeks to blend photographs with illustration. Here, I’ve used the illustrated components to create a narrative arc, while the photographs ground the history.

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  • Haitian Revolution Photograph: “Burning of the Plaine du Cap – Massacre of whites by the blacks,” Accessed from
  • Combahee River Photograph: Harper’s Weekly, July 4, 1863. Accessed from Zinn Education Project.
  • Juneteenth Photograph: Bettmann Archive, Getty Images. Accessed from (Not an actual depiction of the 1865 Juneteenth, but instead newly free people in 1863.)
  • Ida B. Wells-Barnett House Photograph:
  • Little Rock Central High School Photograph:
  • Vortex Music: Humanfobia & JackCote, Muñeca Computarizada, Free Music Archive
  • Sound Effect – Button: Mellau, Button Click 3.wav,
  • Sound Effect – Lever: Deathscyp, Break-1.wav,